1. My name is Mary Grace Camello-Alayon.
  2. I was born and raised in Asuncion, Davao del Norte- a  small town in southern part of the Philippines.
  3. I finished  my Bachelor of Science in Biology major in Ecology  in the University of Southeastern Philippines on April 2005.
  4. I also earned units in  Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and  was able to take and pass  the Licensure Exam for Teachers in 2007.
  5. I have worked as a tutor, sales representative, pharmacy assistant,Online English teacher to Japanese students, ESL teacher to Korean students, part-time  college instructor teaching biochemistry,natural science, general biology,and ecology.
  6. In 2009, I pursued my career taking Masters of Science in Biology and completed my academic requirements but I wasn’t able to continue with my thesis because…
  7. In December 18,2010, I got married to my first and only  boyfriend of 9 years at the time then..
  8. I moved to Bermuda to be with my husband in December 26,2010.
  9. Having no luck in finding a teaching job in Bermuda, I worked as a nanny from july 2012 to May 2013. It was cut short because…
  10. In August 7,2013, I gave birth to my daughter, Alyanna. Now I’m fulltime wife and mom living in this island paradise called Bermuda.

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