A Yearend Reflection

Happy New year!

Crazy how time seems to fly. 2017 is here! It’s time for a new set of goals and resolutions. Honestly I’ve been recycling my old resolutions time and time again. This year is no exception. One in my book is to revive my writing career (lolz). It just means that I should give more time on writing and other nonsense activity has to take a backseat.  I really need to focus my energy on what gives me  joy,  and to be able to post a meaningful article here is one of those. So  I am trying my best to resist the urge to browse on social media right now and  make a better use of my time  through blogging.

How did you spend Christmas and New year holidays?

Mine was made up of simple celebrations with the ones dearest to my heart. I couldn’t be any more complete than being with my two favorite people – my husband and my daughter, on this joyous occasion. It had been my 6th Christmas and New year here in Bermuda and even though I missed spending holidays in the Philippines there’s just  no reason to complain.  Christmas time  has always been my favorite of all the festivities no matter how busy it gets sometimes. The past days and weeks had been spent on  Christmas parties and gatherings.  I loved  how bright the world was with all the Christmas lights and décor.  I loved that shops are open late and filled with  vibrant shoppers looking out for some discounts and interesting gift ideas. I loved how people were extra nice and feeling generous that our Christmas tree was easily filled with presents wrapped in nice fancy paper, mostly for our daughter. I surely felt the abundance of life here in Bermuda and I’m beyond grateful.

However,  I can’t help but also feel that there’s so  much excess in this side of the world.  Reminds me of the Christmas time  when we had almost nothing  and the only gift I received  was from our exchange gift in school that was either a picture frame or a face towel. I also noticed how kids here are spoiled with so many gifts of whether toys or clothes that they barely notice one after the other and still they keep asking for  more and more . Just this Christmas  my daughter received so many toys and not all she’s interested in playing with. I am happy and excited when she gets a present and   I’m  sincerely grateful for everything she received  but I also feel a little uncomfortable of the thought that while my daughter has excess gifts, other kids don’t have any. It is a blessing to be able to have more things in life. I also believe that it is just the same blessing to be able enjoy life even with less.  I guess it’s a parental challenge to be able to raise a less entitled child who can take  simple  pleasures in life these days. If only I could give Alyanna the ability to live happy with less and have a compassionate heart for others. How would  you wrap simplicity and compassion and put under the tree?

May this new year bring us true riches, more blessings, a grateful heart and genuine happiness. Bring it on, 2017!