Fort Hamilton


It has been five years since I came into this beautiful island of Bermuda. My husband, who came ahead of me, has been here for 8 years. We have built our little family in this paradise hence we call it our second home. But it was only until recently that I finally  thought of blogging about its beauty for everyone out there to see.

Bermuda island has always been associated with the infamous “Bermuda triangle” where ships and airplanes just mysteriously disappear. Contrary to that “myth”, there’s so much beauty in here. It’s picturesque everywhere. People are warm and friendly. You may call it a piece of heaven here on earth. The famous poet Mark Twain was even quoted saying “You can go to heaven,  I’d rather stay in Bermuda” 🙂

One of the underappreciated spots in the island is the Fort Hamilton. It’s a nature-meets-history kind of park,  that sits  atop the  hill in Happy valley road. It’s walking distance from the town of Hamilton. I had never heard about  it until I saw it being featured in a local magazine few months back. To think that we used to live so closed to this place.

So here’s a little sneak peek of what this place has to offer.

IMG_6436 IMG_6437

There’s this wooden bridge before you enter the gate. You can choose to lay your mat under the shades or have a nice picnic at the tables and benches spread around inside the park. More pictures below.

IMG_6465  IMG_6466

If you like to have a picture of the Hamilton harbor, it’s the perfect spot for you. The view of a cruise ship in the summer is the icing of the cake.

IMG_6468 IMG_6469

There are also cannons and artillery tunnel for those who are feeling historical.

IMG_6480 IMG_6473

At the left side of the gate upon entrance, there’s an alley that leads you to a dramatic staircase on the left, walk some steps farther and you can see an interesting area with pillars and gardens. I could imagine having a wedding here or a prenup session perhaps?


If you need a bit of exercise feel free to go down the staircase and it will lead you to the luscious greenery with a walking trail that circles around the fort or walk through the tunnels that goes through circles as well. No wonder it’s also a popular site for a Halloween party as I had been told.



The big walls behind my two models are actually artillery tunnels, great for someone who’s up for some horror adventure or somebody who loves mysteries at the museum on history channel like my husband and myself 😀


IMG_6462  IMG_6460


IMG_6484 IMG_6485

IMG_6477 IMG_6478

So whether  you are a nature lover, history geek, picnic bum, adventurous soul or  a photoholic, Fort hamilton will never disappoint. No reason for you to miss this place. It’s nice and cozy, very accessible as it’s located  within Hamilton City and more importantly, it’s free admission.  Just a friendly reminder  that there are a few  drops in this spot if you’re taking your wee ones with you , so please be extra mindful of them as you enjoy the place. Thanks for dropping by. Join me again next time as I take you around BERMUDA!