The Biggest Blessing

I missed my chances to share this reflection twice. It was either due to time constraint or emotions got in the way. So I guess the best platform to share my message is through my blog wherein I can  express and edit my thoughts without time constraint.

Sometime in March of this year, my husband asked me to give a testimony in time for the CFC and Family Ministries Bermuda’s 15th anniversary. I refused and kept telling him I couldn’t because I really didn’t have any interesting story to tell. My husband went on saying, just share whatever blessing you got this year.

Two nights before the general assembly and I still had no testimony to share , he continued talking me into sharing which ended into a heated argument. I kept saying, “you know I already shared our blessings and I don’t have MMK-ish kind of story to tell!” He then replied to me, “How little is your faith. Pray and dig deeper!”( In a very frustrated tone). After saying this he turned his back on me and we fell silent.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned so I prayed. Immediately  I got an answer. How could I not have realized that my biggest blessing was sleeping  right next to me?

 While others are still praying to find someone who is cute, nice and God-fearing for a life partner or perhaps some wives pray that their husbands would turn to God or even start going to church on Sundays, I already have and am married to someone who has the heart of service for God and who pushes me to seek HIM. Oh what a big blessing it is to be married to this person!

I cried upon realizing what I certainly missed out. And I heard God’s message speaking to me clearly – That often we may lose sight of what’s truly essential while looking for what is not. We tend to focus on what is lacking in our lives that we fail to see the overwhelming blessings we receive everyday. Our lives, our salvation,our families, our jobs- we may have taken them for granted.

God has provided us with so much more than we need. It only takes a grateful heart to see them.

I hope you are feeling blessed today.