Baby No More

Recently, Yanna has been throwing tantrums for everything she’s not happy about like when we confiscate something she’s not suppposed to play with or put a stop to whatever she enjoys doing, like bathing, watching videos and so on. Before, she had always been forgiving and just gave in whenever we say “no” to something, but now, she would cry in protest and oftentimes attempts to reason out as if she’s trying to speak out her mind in her alien talk or just by echoing what we just have said.

Then it dawned on me that my once helpless, wussy, clingy baby girl who just wanted to be fed,and snuggled is now a spirited, sassy, opinionated little girl who wants to be heard and respected.

Barely four months from today she’ll be turning two and we will enter into what many would awfully call the period of “terrible two”.

I’d prefer to call it “terrific two” as what Bo Sanchez puts it, because you know what, on the plus side, Yanna is cuter, wittier, funnier, chattier than she ever was. She’s been learning in the speed of light, absorbing everything we feed her, exploring things, picking up lines, gists, and gestures from us- no filter, the good, the bad and the ugly. There were funny moments when we caught her humming or singing her favorite tune or rhymes

” A- B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K-ene ne ne-P”

Or in a monologue, asking the question herself and answering them at once.

“A na na na Daddy?(what’s the name of your daddy?)”
“Jos (George)”

“A na na na mommy? (what’s the name of your mommy?)”
“Ges (Grace)”

“A na na na eve? (where do you live?)”
“A-da (Bermuda)”

Ahahaha.. Priceless moment. Never fails to put a smile on my face every time. Those are just few of her antics.

Sure thing, our house is messier, noisier, and busier than ever. Evidence is the crayon and ballpen markings on the floor, wall, and even on our bed sheet. The little person gets more bumps and bruises as she fearlessly moves around the house everyday. Look away for few seconds and the next thing you’ll see is a kid on top of a furniture. Just last week, she got a cut on her face under her right eye because she tripped on the cluttered stuff and hit herself on the bed side cabinet. (Pardon us for not completely babyproofing our house)

The word “discipline” is a pretty common household thing and an extra load of patience is all you need to get you through the day. Biases aside, I think Yanna is generally a well behaved kid but being a toddler sometimes she gets willful and stubborn and eventhough it breaks our heart, we have to correct her in the most loving way possible.

But our most favorite part of this stage is that our daughter can express genuine affection and is more than willing to reciprocate our love for her. We would pretend to be sad whenever she’s not eating well and then she would take a bite (even though she’s not so happy with the food) to make her mom and dad happy. It’s also interesting and sweet how she says “mishu” (for “miss you”) whenever i go away or when George comes home from work. Many times we caught her giving her favorite toys some cuddles just as how we snuggle her. Most often she surprises us with spontaneous hugs and kisses that really really melt our hearts as if her way of saying thank you and i love you.

Truly, ¬†parenthood is a beautiful thing. It’s eventful, profound, and unexpected. It’s a BLESSING. Everyday is an adventure filled with discoveries of your little one and yourself. And as your child grows, you grow with your child.

Angel Yanna
Angel Yanna