“Born Reading”

I’ve been reading a book I borrowed from the children’s library called “Born Reading” by Jason Boog. The book focuses on the benefits of interactive reading and gives helpful ideas on how to make reading session with your little one more fun and interactive. It also has strong emphasis on screen time limitation for children.
Honestly, this book is so timely for me because George and I have been arguing about how much screen time we allow our daughter. I am really against the use of digital device for children 2 years and below, but who am I kidding? For us who don’t have a nanny or house help, an ipad is an effective tool to keep my daughter occupied while I do some house chores. We’re guilty of this for sure. My only consolation is that, we also see to it that Yanna spends more time playing or reading books than in front of the screen or we just allow her to watch video in desperate situation . Many instants I tried to put a stop to her screen time, but I always ended up giving in, especially those days when Mother Goose club video or little baby bum was the only thing that could make her eat her meal. Argghh.

Yes, we have a baby that is hard to feed. So it’s either we turn on the device or let her go hungry. I do hope I choose the lesser evil. Pretty sure many of you can relate with this parenting dilemma. What I like about this book is that it’s not judgmental to parents who use digital device to their little one, rather it acknowledges that electronics are part of our children’s generation whether we like it or not, that it’s almost impossible to block them from knowing about all these things. It even recommends books and kids- appropriate apps for every age level starting 2.

I must echo though that as much as possible, children below 2 years old should not be introduced to screens yet and 2 hours maximum for 2 years and older as suggested by AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics). This applies not only to computers or tablets but all sorts of screen like tv or video games. Instead, take advantage of the first 2 years to make your son/daughter appreciate printed materials more than any forms of computer. I think, once you have established this, no gadgets can replace the influence of books to your little person.

For whatever reason, lately I’ve become so passionate about reading to kids that my attention is always drawn towards materials with similar theme. Probably, because I’ve seen the results of reading to my own daughter.
So if you come across this book the next time you visit the library or a bookstore, you might wanna check it out for yourself. I really don’t get any commission from promoting this book. I just thought it might be worth reading and sharing to all moms with little kids or expecting moms out there.



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