This blog is borne today out of my deepest desire to share to the world my own journey as a mom in this beautiful island of Bermuda. In the coming days,weeks, and months, this humble site will be filled with anecdotes and essays of my day-to-day endeavor as a wife and a mom, hoping to inspire and pass on some wisdom from the daily challenges and victories that life throws at me.

I dedicate this blog to my husband, who keeps pushing and inspiring me to pursue writing; to my baby (and my future children) whose smile means the world to me; to my family who loves me unconditionally, and to my readers who can relate to me.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope you learn something from me today. 🙂


2 thoughts on “BermyMommy

  1. Hi Grace! Yehey! I’m the first to leave a comment. I really enjoyed reading your first 2 blogs & I’m looking forward for more… You’re a very good writer. I once loved writing too & reading your blog, I am now inspired to start writing again.


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